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How Do I Find A Locksmith In lacey To Suit My Needs?


I’ve been a locksmith for the last 10 years, managed technician’s teams and have been trained in regards to various locks and locksmith’s solutions. 

The question I will answer here is “how can I find a locksmith that suits my needs?” The answer is simple - a targeted search that fits the current situation.

In the past, in order to find a locksmith, one had to call 411 or check the yellow pages. The costumer had no idea who will show up at his doorstep, what kind of training the locksmith will have and what will be the quality of service. In addition, one often had to wait for more then an hour for the locksmith to arrive. 

Nowadays, with the Internet and Smartphones being so available, the costumer can acquire a great deal of information about a company and its locksmiths before hiring their services. Nonetheless, even with the help of online search engines, one has to know how to look. There are specific search words that will help you narrow your search and find a locksmith that suits your needs. 

Many people use Google to find a service near them and call whoever is the first or second result. Unfortunately, oftentimes the first few results are unsuitable for your needs. If you type “Lacey locksmith” in the Google search engine you will receive a wide range of results since locksmiths offer a wide array of services. For example:


-Emergency services


-Locks change


-Business locks change


-New car key manufacturing




Lets say you are looking to change your locks, we all wish to have a safe and secure home. I would recommend typing “house lock change” and add the name of your city for a more specific search.

Now, lets look into “emergency services”. It consists of 3 topics:


1.Unlocking houses (front door or internal doors)


2.Unlocking cars


3.Unlocking business’


If you are locked out of your car, I recommend you search car lockout in lacey. For example: “emergency car lockout in lacey”. These search words will narrow your search and will deliver all the professionals in your area. The same is true, of course, if you are looking for a locksmith that specializes in house lockout or business lockout. 

Examples for specific search words:


-Business lockout in lacey


-Home lockout in lacey


-Make a car key in lacey


-Rekey locks home in lacey


-Open safe in Lacey




New Bolg 6/17/15

Home // Home Security Tips from Lacey Locksmith

No matter the time of year these home security tips can be good advice. You need to make sure you are storing your stuff where people that are looking will not see what you have that is of value. There are many different things you can do to help with your home security not just by having up to date locks. Although that is a top priority they will not always work if somebody is scoping out your valuables.

When the holidays come around and you are decorating your yard, do not put extension cords through your windows. This will just provide an easy access for an intruder. Just because there is not a lot of room between the base of the window and the sliding pane does not mean they cannot stick a pry bar in the gap to get your window open.

Always make sure that your locks are up to date and clean. We can help you with an inspection of your locks. If they need to be replaced we can do after the inspection. This is the number one priority of ours to make sure you are safe.

When you have your duplicate key made for when you get locked out of your house, never store your key outside. This is a very popular idea and it is not very safe. If you think of all the places you could put your key do you not think that a thief will think of the same exact ones? Usually when you place your key outside you think where you are hiding it is not very obvious, but do you not only have a few choices?

Social media is a big craze lately. So when you receive something of value as a gift do not post pictures of it on your Facebook page, Twitter, etc. You never know who is watching. We know that everyone wants to share everything but if you want to show people what you have then visit them or vice versa so that it does not open up your home to unwanted viewers.

If you are going on vacation, no matter the time of year always make sure you never share your travel plans on your social media pages. Like we had said earlier with the pictures you never know who is paying attention. There are people who scope out thing like social media to see when people are at their residence. Even if you are just running to town do not post it on social media.

When the holidays do roll around always make sure to hide your gifts not only from your kids but also from prying eyes. Make sure they are secure if you put them in your garage or storage shed. You can call Bellevue locksmiths to make sure your lock is up to date and secure enough.

So there are always risks of people trying to get something that is not theirs. Be sure to secure your valuable at all times. Do not draw attention to your home for any reason.



Just Some Friendly Advice from Olympia Locksmith

When you hire a locksmith you do not just want them to know what they are doing, but you want them to be friendly as well. When you have locked your keys in your car you want fast and reliable service. You want a friendly face to help you with your lock out situation.
If you are planning on painting your home, office, or even your car always make sure you cover you lockset. If you accidentally paint over the hole you will no longer be able to use that lock and will have to call a locksmith. This will definitely take a good amount of time, but will save you a lot of money in the long run.
Usually people do not think about locksmith until they are in a lock related situation so always make sure to research local locksmiths before you need one. Your Bellevue professional locksmiths are always prepared and eager to help you with any lock related problem you may have.
Always make sure you get a copy of your bill after you have used a locksmith. There are people out there who are using the profession of being a locksmith to scam people. Always make sure you ask for identification when your locksmith arrives before you pay for the services rendered. Keep your receipt safe so that you will always have it if you need it.
Do not ever hire a locksmith again that ends up making you pay more than they originally told you when you called to receive their services. There are quality locksmiths out there that are honest and stick to their word.
If you are not hiring a locksmith for an emergency situation but for them to come out and repair or replace your locks then always make sure to see what kind of reputation they have. There are actually a few websites out there that share reviews on businesses, but you need to make sure you are. To do this you can contact your local Better Business Bureau office.
There are plenty of ways to make sure someone that is coming to do work for you at your home or office is a reliable and legitimate locksmith. So always make sure you check their badge. Make sure that the business information matches what is on their name tag or badge.
Another thing to always be sure of when you are planning on hiring a locksmith to help you with your lock related problems is if they have 24/7 locksmith services. A lot of locksmith businesses offer this service, but not all of they are legitimately open 24/7. Make sure the locksmith you hire is also available if needed during the holidays.
It is always very important to be prepared for whatever kind of situation you could have. Always make sure to have a locksmith you can trust before one is needed. You do not want to end up hiring a locksmith scammer when you are having a lockout emergency in the middle of the night.